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Pliers & Grips

Pliers & cutters serve as indispensable tools across various applications and trades, including electrical work, crafting, and mechanical repairs. Their versatility lies in their ability to grip, shape, and cut an extensive range of materials, particularly cables and wires, making them fundamental instruments in wire manipulation tasks. Here at Cromwell we have an extensive range of pliers & cutters from leading suppliers Kennedy Pro®, Kennedy®, Knipex®, Bahco & Facom. For help selecting the most suitable pliers for your needs, see our pliers guide for more information.

Pliers & Cutter Types

A wide range of pliers & cutters are available in various categories to meet your specific application or task requirements. With diverse options to choose from, you can easily find the right tool for any project, whether it involves precision work, heavy-duty tasks, or DIY endeavours.

Pliers  -    Highly versatile hand tools, indispensable for gripping, cutting, and bending various materials with precision. They provide the necessary torque for tasks such as wire stripping, nail removal, and object manipulation in construction, automotive repair, and DIY projects.

Cutters  -    Akin to pliers, focus primarily on cutting materials with enhanced force and precision. Available in diverse designs, they cater to different cutting needs across industries, including metalworking, electrical work, and crafting.

Wire Strippers  -    Essential tools for electricians, ensuring meticulous removal of wire insulation while preserving the core integrity. They find extensive use in electrical installations, repairs, and maintenance tasks.

Bolt Cutters  -    Featuring elongated handles and robust blades, bolt cutters effortlessly slice through tough metals, making them indispensable in construction, metalworking, and security applications.

Crimping Tools  -    Crimp tools provide reliable seals for connectors in wiring applications, ensuring secure electrical connections in automotive, aerospace, and electronics industries.

Pincers  -    Offer gripping and cutting functionalities, with variants like carpenter's pincers and end-cutting pincers tailored for specific tasks in woodworking, metal fabrication, and general construction.

Tweezers  -    Facilitate precision work with their fine-tipped design, enabling users to handle small components in electronics, jewellery making, and medical procedures with utmost accuracy and control.